The Noxcrew Gameshow is an online episodic series inspired by a mix of TV Gameshows and E-Sports.

Created entirely in Minecraft by The Noxcrew; Season 1 will pit up 8 different teams against each other to fight it out to the top of an elimination based tournament ladder.

Crazy, fun and colorful; the Gameshow consists of a large array of different themed mini-games that exist on the grounds of the Noxcrew Gameshow Factory and are all playable by the contestants.

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The Legendary Noxcrew Gameshow Trophy.

Given only to the most ultimate teams that have survived and mercilessly fought to the top of the tournament ladder.

The winning team will be given ownership of the trophy and go down in Noxcrew Gameshow history forever.

Yes, it’s completely virtual, but that never stopped us spending our lives on these games, right?

The Teams

Back in September 2014, The Noxcrew opened up public applications to the community to contest in the Gameshow. Many teams applied, but only 8 were accepted.

Chosen for their strengths, weaknesses and mindsets, these are the teams that will be eliminating each other to show who are the strongest and who truly deserve the Noxcrew Gameshow Trophy.



The Noxcrew Gameshow is 100% created from scratch by the online family; ‘The Noxcrew’. It’s made with lots of love, countless hours and because of the audience that support us.

If you would like to fund our endeavours and help us grow to create even more awesome content, you can throw a couple of dollars at us on Patreon.

The idea of Patreon is that you can sign up to automatically donate a minimum of $1 a month. If enough of our audience signs up, the community will fund us collectively! We would greatly appreciate any assistance!


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Noxcrew Gameshow: Live is a Twitch.tv production where on a weekly/bi-weekly basis we stream a live production of an entire Gameshow playout. It’s completely uncut, featuring surprise contestants, community interaction and beefed up with awesomeness, randomness and experimentation!

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Thank You

To everyone who helped us on this project. To our Patrons who let us do what we do. To the Noxsquad, our loyal community for loving our content. To the contestants of the Pilot Season and all their valuable feedback. To the contestants of the new season and their enthusiasm. To our friends and families.

To the people who believed in us.



Producer, Director, Production Manager, Lead Editor, Audio Editor, Assistant Writer


Lead Writer & Camera #5 (DuhCam)


Texture Artist (Based on Textures by Jolicraft)

Epic Landlord

Lead Set Designer, Lead Mini-Game Designer & Lead Musician


Blue Helper Bot

Sam Tyko

Camera #6 (SamCam)


Camera #7 (CamCam)


Redstone Systems Manager, Assistant Production Manager & Lobsterref


Commentator (Johnny Smooth)


Overlay Graphics Artist and Game Logo Designs


Additional Music


Yellow Helper Bot


Camera #4 (BamCam)


Camera #2 (ApeCam)


Server Setup, Server Tech, Server Moderation & Camera #1 (iCam)


Commentator (Bobby Groove)


Noxcrew Gameshow Logo Design and Team Logo Graphic Artist


Assistant Editor & Rule Video Producer / Editor


The Butcher


Camera #3 (LagCam)


Custom Client Code

The Build Crew

Adam Anabellabobcatz Antlia Avondale Bejno Bulgurpund

Burning Charley ChrisBambii e_mouse EpicLandlord

General5 Gregan25 Ikean JakeL Jamster Jyoda Lykarus Masdock

NiallSB Noctis_Mori Ridders Skyao Starjik Thonax Zurby